About us

Stock Pick Central is a Fintech Broker company that was founded in year 1999 with a mission to spread US stock investment and trading opportunities worldwide.

Starting with the United States stock market, we are creating a unified, global and border-less investment market. Stock pick central first product is a fast and easy platform that offers investments from all over the world to people in more than 170 countries. Stock pick central is registered with the United States SEC, which protects securities of customers.
Through Stock pick central we offer access to 3,800+ stocks, ETFs and REITs from the US stock market, with zero commission fees. Stock pick central is also a United States money services business that makes it easy for users to fund their accounts using cryptocurrencies. An addition to the traditional method of banking.
Stock pick central makes it possible for users to fund their accounts using USDT, cryptocurrencies and bank wire/Transfer. Our goal is to be different from traditional financial service companies. We’re fighting an outdated, expensive system by implementing blockchain technology.
SPC offers US stock investment and trading opportunities to a vast majority of people spread over 170 countries worldwide